I moved to Ashburton, on the edge of Dartmoor in 2009. I love life here and am an active member of this community. Before I became a full-time musician, I studied physics and worked for an international publishing company. I’ve needed two kidney transplants – I know our NHS; we must nurture it, not break it! I met and married an eco-campaigner and became convinced that we need urgent global action if we’re to stop climatic disaster this century. 

I want our local economy to thrive, with good support for all its businesses: I will work for them. I love the food grown and produced here, and will do all I can to help our great producers, markets and retailers. 

The Green Party has a full slate of positive policies that I’m convinced will improve our lives. Others are mimicking them in the run-up to the election, but
history shows that they will not enact them. 

So, I’m standing to be your MP on 7 May.  If elected, I’ll dedicate myself to representing Central Devon’s people and stand for truly sustainable local, national and international policies that will help bring about a world where we and our children can all flourish.