It became clear to me many years ago that dealing with climate change was already urgent, and the Green Party was the only one in the UK that really got it. That has lead to my standing for the Green Party at 3 general elections, and now to represent Ashburton and Buckfastleigh division on Devon County Council.

When we elect our political representatives, we hope that they will have good judgement and they they will use it for the benefit of everybody, without favouring friends or buttering up the wealthy and powerful. Now that town, district and county councils have declared a climate emergency we need councillors who will argue for real action now at every level. I will do that.

I campaigned to remain in the EU. I believe that the NHS and essential utilities should be publicly owned, and not for private profit. Sleaze and cronyism is back in the news, with those at the top of the Conservative party being the ones who are clearly at fault. This Tory party has shown, wherever it has been in power, locally and nationally, that it lacks good judgement in its economic, social and environmental policies. Its members have chosen as their leader, and therefore our Prime Minister, someone who is demonstrably unfit for this position, and who, in his choices and proclamations has damaged the reputation of the UK around the world, and the lives of countless individual citizens through choices made on the coronavirus pandemic, our relationship with the EU, families of the Windrush generation and many more.

We need councillors and MPs who will act transparently, not stitching things up privately before a public debate. If elected on May 6th, I will use my best judgement to argue for a fair and sustainable approach to every issue, and to do so in a transparent way considering complex issues in public, and where unpopular decisions need to be made, to argue for the case on its merits, using the best information available.