The Green Party Manifesto: in sections

The full Green Party manifesto, at 84 pages, isn’t a particularly inviting prospect if you haven’t got an hour or two to sit and read it all. However, each chapter is just a few pages long, and they’re an inspiring read for what could be possible. Pick an area that interests you from the list below and see what we have to say.

Some things are truly radical. While I’m very happy to stand on this manifesto, there are some things here with which I disagree. Our democracy means that before we turn a manifesto idea into reality, there’s a long parliamentary process, where all voices have a say in how it’s eventually enacted. Say what you think in the comments below.

I’ve made each of these open in a new window, so this list will remain open behind it.

3. THE EARTH : Wildlife And Open Spaces; Food, Farming And Fisheries; Other Animal Protection; Science And Technology; Waste And Re-Cycling.

4. ENERGY AND THE CLIMATE : Climate Change; Using Energy Wisely; Owning And Controlling Our Energy System; Speeding The Renewables Revolution; Adapting To Climate Change.

5. EQUALITIES : Equality And Diversity; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex And Queer (Lgbtiq) People; Women; Disability; Young People; Older People And Pensions.

6. HEALTH AND WELL-BEING : We Will End Nhs Privatisation; We Will End Health Service Austerity; We Will Act To Prevent Illness And Expand Primary And Community Care; Restore A Person-Centred Approach To The Nhs; We Will Tackle The Crisis Of Our Time: Mental Health.

7. A PLACE TO LEARN: EDUCATION : Early Years Education And Childcare; Schools; Further Education And Skills Training; Higher Education.

8. A PLACE TO LIVE: HOUSING : The Housing Market: House Price Stability; Public Housing: Build 500,000 New Social Rented Homes; Make Renting Normal And Not A Rip-Off.

9. CREATING ‘COMMON WEALTH’: WORK, MONEY, INDUSTRY AND TAX : Work; Finance; Changing Economic Organisations; Small Firms And The Local Economy; Taxes.

10. PUTTING THE SOCIAL BACK INTO SECURITY: A PLAN TO REFORM THE TAX AND BENEFITS SYSTEM : Introduction – What We Have Now; A Radical Long Term Plan To Reform The Tax And Benefits System; Working Age Benefits; Child Benefit; Citizens’ Pension.

11. GOVERNMENT AND PEOPLE, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE, LOCAL AND NATIONAL : Who Governs?; A New Constitutional Settlement; Localisation; Wales; Information And Digital Rights; Government, Media And Arts.

12. GETTING AROUND: TRANSPORT : Bringing The Railways Into Public Hands; Decarbonising Transport; Affordable Public Transport; A Step Change In Road Safety; Towns And Cities For People; A Rural Transport Revolution.

13. THE LOCAL AND GLOBAL: INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS : International Agreement On Climate Change – Contraction And Convergence; Security And Defence; International Disarmament And Security Agreements; Europe; Migration; Trade, Aid And Grassroots Development.

14. CRIME AND PUNISHMENT : The Causes Of Crime; Restorative Justice And Offender Rehabilitation.

15. A POSTSCRIPT : One fine day in 2019

16. IT DOES ALL ADD UP – THE FINANCIAL APPENDIX : Note On Territorial Coverage; Economic Assumptions;  Government Spending; Taxation; Green Party Tax And Spend Plans As A Proportion Of GDP

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