Andy Williamson : Why I’m Standing

Here is the printed flyer that is being distributed around Central Devon by volunteers.  There are 46,400 households in the constituency. We won’t get to them all.

Andy Williamson for Central Devon: front


Here’s the text:

“We need MPs who are free to speak the truth and free to work in ALL our best interests. As your MP, I would fight to keep the NHS, our education and all our public infrastructure and countryside in public hands, not sold off to the highest bidder. I would argue for a fair, humane welfare state, that really does provide care from cradle to grave. I would push to reform the money system which is blocking the environmental policies we desperately need.”

Politics in Westminster has been reduced to a game of marketing, money and playing on people’s self-interest and fear. The Conservative and Labour-led governments have become masters at creating ‘yah-boo’ fodder for the media, while becoming ever less able to stand up for what is right and fair. Complex subjects are dismissed with a soundbite, which often fails to address the real issue with any leadership or integrity. At the same time, they’ve been played for fools by the corporate lobbies who have no qualms about manipulating our democracy to enhance their paymasters’ profits. I think some ministers even believe their own rhetoric, while every day we hear stories of real people being reduced to sickness, poverty and despair after having been treated appallingly by the state machine.
I cannot bear to watch this happen any more and do nothing. Green MP Caroline Lucas and SW MEP Molly Scott-Cato have shown that even in small numbers, we can influence things for the better. I would love to join them and go further. The Green Party has developed policies that actually deal with what’s at the root, not only of environmental catastrophe but also countless other miseries afflicting millions. It is the only political voice in the UK that is really telling the truth about what matters.
We need to neutralise the stranglehold private banks have over the public’s lives and return financial control of the country to democracy.
We need to invest in renewable resources and bio-diversity – for all our futures.
We need to end the ‘austerity’ measures that have led to food-banks, crippled social care services – particularly for the elderly – and seen people denied the social security they desperately need. Their misery and despair is affecting all of us, whether we depend on benefits and the NHS to survive or not. They don’t deserve to pay for what others have done.

I moved to Ashburton, on the edge of Dartmoor in 2009. I love life here and am an active member of this community. Before I became a full-time musician, I studied physics and worked for an international publishing company. I’ve needed two kidney transplants – I know our NHS; we must nurture it, not break it! I met and married an eco-campaigner and became convinced that we need urgent global action if we’re to stop climatic disaster this century. I want our local economy to thrive, with good support for all its businesses: I will work for them. I love the food grown and produced here, and will do all I can to help our great producers, markets and retailers.

The Green Party has a full slate of positive policies that I’m convinced will improve our lives. Others are mimicking them in the run-up to the election, but history shows that they will not enact them. So, I’m standing to be your MP on 7 May. If elected, I’ll dedicate myself to representing Central Devon’s people and stand for truly sustainable local, national and international policies that will help bring about
a world where we and our children can all flourish.

1 thought on “Andy Williamson : Why I’m Standing”

  1. Stan Willis said:

    Hi Andy,
    hope your gig with Craig goes well. We have 3 labour votes in my house which is in the South Hams (2 are party members). We are interested in backing ‘unity’ candidates if we can find a mechanism(s) that we can all agree is fair. I think the aim should be to achieve a result that is closer to proportional representation though, maybe this should be confined to constituencies where the combined non-Tory/UKIP vote is estimated to be comparable to the Tory vote. Identifying these consitituencies would also signal to ‘unity’ supporters where to direct their resources. The NHS, Labour, The Greens and Liberals can all gain from this.

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