Here’s an unrehearsed, unscripted film of me talking about various issues that I feel strongly about.

it’s easy to criticise for gross generalisations. So here are some things I wish I could have said more clearly:

I’m standing “because it’s time…” – so many things flashed through my head at that second that I couldn’t pick one. A mixture of all the things I see happening that I think are wrong; and all the positive things that we could do that would create a happier, healthier world for us all, and our children, and their children… (see the Green manifesto!)

Health and Social Care: Not ALL parts of the health service are contracted out to private companies (yet!), but there’s been a huge increase in what is, and it the results are often not good. A community nurse who watched this wrote: “I see a lot of elderly people receiving wonderful care and others less than satisfactory. Important not to tarnish with same brush and maybe more emphasis on care company owners creaming profits while dedicated care workers on minimum wage with little training and not being paid journey time btw clients” which I heartily endorse. There is of course much, much more about what is happening to the NHS that I could say.

Immigration: A glib response to what I say here could be, “So you think the UK has unlimited capacity to accept more people?” – of course I don’t think that, and neither does the Green Party.

There’s more, but if I wait to write it before posting this, it’ll never appear.